Horse Spotlight – Mare Dixie

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Horse Spotlight – Mare Dixie

Hello everyone! It’s time once again to feature another horse from the TRNP Herd.

Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2014 Mare, Dixie. She is out of Firefly x Silver. When I began tracking the horses, Dixie was a yearling still running with her natal band. In April of 2016, Coal managed to steal the then 2-year-old Dixie from Silver and she has been a part of his band ever since. Dixie and Coal had a filly in 2017. She was the first and only foal for Dixie to date. She was adopted in 2018 and living in a wonderful forever home. Dixie has changed a lot over the last few years. When I was photographing her last week, I couldn’t help but notice how much she changed just over the summer. She is really starting to remind me of Silver. She has gone from that gangly yearling I first met to a beautiful young mare. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

2014 Dixie and 2013 Democracy – Photo was taken in 2015.

Silver and part of his band in 2015 – (L to R) Silver, Faith, Esprit, Olympic (2015 Colt out of Firefly), Firefly, Dixie, and Daisy

Dixie – Photo was taken in October of 2015.

Dixie (on the left) and Gunnison (2015 Filly out of Juniper) in February of 2016

Dixie after she was stolen by Coal in 2016. (L to R) Busy Blue, Maggie, Dixie, Coal and Betty Blue

Dixie with her 2017 Filly

Dixie with her 2017 Filly

Dixie with her 2017 Filly – Photo was taken in the fall of 2017.

Dixie in the fall of 2018

2014 Mare, Dixie – Photo was taken last week.


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