In Remembrance of Cowboy Lyle

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In Remembrance of Cowboy Lyle

Good afternoon everyone! I made it back into the park this morning and it was great! I found several bands enjoying the cooler temps down on the flats and got my first look at the newest member of the herd. He is a colt out of Bella x Sidekick. He is around two weeks old now and as you can see in the photos, is a very feisty little guy! He especially likes to harass his older brother, Riverside, out of River. Followers of Wild in North Dakota have decided to call him Lyle, after our dear friend and fellow horse tracker, Cowboy Lyle. I couldn’t think of a better way to honor such a wonderful man who loved this herd. Enjoy and be sure to share this new cutie for all to see! Thanks, everyone!

2018 Colt, Lyle and his big brother 2018 Colt, Riverside

Mare Bella and her 2018 Colt, Lyle

2018 Colt, Lyle – named after our dear friend ‘Cowboy Lyle’


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