January Day With Red Face

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January Day With Red Face

Hello everyone! Recently, I was able to spend some time with Red Face and his band. He is another stallion who is now 19 years old. That hasn’t slowed him down though and he continues to hold his band of beautiful girls. On this day, I sat with the girls for a while and then realized Red Face has wandered off. After checking behind a nearby hill, I found him with Pretty Girl and their filly, Ardena. I don’t see him often interact with just them so it was nice to see them together. A short time later, he noticed Copper moving into the area. That made him perk up and decide it was time to check on the rest of his band. As he stood on a small hill to get eyes on them, he stopped for a moment and I snapped a quick photo. He looked stunning! I followed him up the hill and found the rest of the girls asleep with Frosty watching over them. Red Face joined her and all was well. Below are a few photos of my afternoon with them. Enjoy!

2019 Filly, Ardena

1999 Mare, Frosty

2014 Mare, Emmylou

2010 Mare, Lakota

2000 Mare, Flame

2002 Mare, Molly

Red Face and some of his band

2001 Band Stallion, Red Face


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