First Foal of 2020

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First Foal of 2020

Hello everyone! As most of you have likely heard, we have a new filly in the park. She is out of Mare Justice and the presumed sire is Arrowhead. The park has yet to give her a name but her birthdate has been recorded as the 11th, making her five days old today. You may have also heard that we are having very cold weather this week. The wind chill has dropped the temperature to -30 at times making it difficult to go out to the park and check on the horses. Today was the first day the temperature was supposed to eventually get above 10 so I took a drive to the park to see if I could locate the new filly. Luckily, I could see the band from the road but the problem was the wind. It was blowing 25 mph making the real feel temperature -23. Not fun to hike in. I waited for about an hour watching Arrowhead’s band but only seeing about 3 of them. Finally, Justice emerged from the trees and I could see the baby was still with her. Woohoo!! We have all been worried about her making it through these last few days. The temps here will be cold until Monday so I made the decision to hike down to check on her and see for myself that she was doing alright. Once down below, I discovered a tiny filly with a ton of energy and character who is absolutely adorable. She would run around her mom, away from her mom and explore the trees. Later on, the band started to move away from her and Justice so she ran to catch up with them. Once again, Justice went running after her. She knew to follow her family and that is exactly what she did. So smart! We will do our best to keep our eyes on her and update you all when we can. Please send positive thoughts her way and to the rest of the horses as we deal with cold temps over these next few days. Thanks, everyone!

2013 Mare, Justice and her 2020 Filly

2013 Mare, Justice and her 2020 Filly – It wasn’t snowing today but the wind kept blowing the snow we got the other day.

2020 Filly out of Justice x Arrowhead – They are both standing behind her in the photo.


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