Making Friends

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Making Friends

Hello everyone! I was spending some time with Copper’s band recently when the two young fillies from Half Moon’s band, Star and Beaver, decided to walk over and say hello to Belle, Copper’s filly out of Faith. They weren’t too sure about one another at first and Star decided to walk off. Her big sister Beaver, however, stayed and had a little interaction with Belle. I love watching foals from different bands interact with one another. You never know how they will react but it is fun to see their curiosity get the best of them. I will write under each photo below so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a great week!

Star leaves but her sister Beaver is curious about their new friend.

The girls begin to check one another out.

Belle (Faith x Copper) and Beaver

They touch noses a couple of times but I think it was a little too much for Belle.

That was enough and they go their separate ways. Star (far right) begins to walk back over to check on her sister.