Making New Friends Part 2

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Making New Friends Part 2

Hello everyone! You all may remember a few weeks back when I came across Filly Belle, of Copper’s band, on a playdate with the fillies of Half Moon’s band. She is still a very social girl and on this particular day, I caught her hanging out with another young filly, Annabella, of Sidekick’s band. They both appeared to be very interested in a particular weed. I am not sure if it was Belle trying to steal the weed or if Annabella trying to share it but whatever the case, it made for a cute moment between these two fillies. Enjoy!

Annabella (Bella x Sidekick) and Belle (Faith x Copper)

Annabella (Bella x Sidekick) finds another weed and either taunted Belle or tried to share it with her (Faith x Copper)

Once the weed was gone, Annabella (Bella x Sidekick) seemed to be trying to make nice with Belle (Faith x Copper).