Trooper’s New Band

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Trooper’s New Band

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would give you a few updates on Stallions Trooper and Maverick. Many of you know that while Maverick was attempting to steal back his three mares from Brutus that Trooper ended up with the girls he left alone. Trooper had already been holding Maverick’s former mare, Maddie, since October. Now he has managed to take Patches, Skipper, Dawn, Aurora, Colt Arey, and Filly Bluegrass. When Maverick took on Brutus to get back Cassie, Penny, and Paisley he sustained an injury to his lower lip. His bottom lip has been torn yet Eileen’s vet feels this is not a life-threatening injury to him. As I have said before, he is eating and drinking just fine. He also continues to hold the three mares he took from Brutus. Please continue to keep him and all the horses in your thoughts as our weather is incredibly cold right now. Below is a look at Stallion Trooper and his current band. Thanks, everyone.

2007 Mare, Maddie

Trooper’s Band

2017 Mare, Aurora and her 2020 Filly, Bluegrass

Trooper, Maddie, Aurora, and Bluegrass