Ryely and His Sisters

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Ryely and His Sisters

Hello everyone! One afternoon, I spent time with Little Gray and her two foals, yearling Pippi and new 2021 Colt, Ryely, when Wildrye walked over. He first stopped to sniff his new colt and then gently moved him forward so he could move closer to Little Gray. While he is wooing Little Gray, Ryely moves off in confusion. Luckily, he is surrounded by his big sisters, Lorelye and Pippi. They look after him while his parents have some alone time. ?

While Wildrye shows attention to Little Gray, Lorelye moves up and puts herself between them and Ryely.

Lorelye moves up to look after Ryely. Such a nice big sis!

How cute is he with his sisters?!? – Lorelye, Ryely, and Pippi