Stirring Things Up Part II

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Stirring Things Up Part II

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the end of your weekend. Today I have more photos of Gunner’s wild afternoon with Ollie and Red Face. After his first fight with Ollie, he stood nearby just watching all of the horses. Red Face decided that was not alright and went after him. As soon as Gunner saw him coming he immediately turned to walk away. It is always amazing to see how much power Red Face has with just a look. Red Face spent most of his time trying to remove Gunner from the area. He chased him in circles for a while and then returned to his girls. Gunner did not leave though and went to pick another fight with Ollie. He managed to stand his ground against Ollie for quite some time but then they both appeared to be tired and walked away from one another. I watched as Gunner had a small encounter with Copper and then decided it was time to go. I wasn’t expecting that much excitement when I went out that afternoon but when it comes to these horses you never know what will happen. Enjoy!

2010 Band Stallion, Ollie and 2014 Band Stallion, Gunner

Ollie chases Gunner in an attempt to push him from the area.

Gunner looks so small next to Ollie!

Gunner is lucky this bite did not connect!

After Red Face has his encounter with Gunner he attempts to escort Gunner from the area too. I am not sure why his tongue is out though 😉

Red Face runs alongside Gunner and right past me as he moves him away from his band. Two good looking boys right there <3


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