The Saga of Half Moon and Guardian

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The Saga of Half Moon and Guardian

Hello everyone! Here is a look at what caused Half Moon to be so on edge in the photo from my previous post. As most of you probably guessed, it was Guardian. He has been putting a lot of pressure on all the bands over the last few weeks but in particular, Half Moon. For those who do not know the history between these two, I will give you a quick recap. Half Moon stole Sumac, Guardian’s dam, and Guardian from Granite’s Boy in 2015. Half Moon slowly built up his band and was doing well. In June of 2017, Half Moon was badly injured just above his hoof and was having a hard time getting around. Guardian, who was 4 at the time, took advantage of his injury and began to take control of the band. Over the next few months, Half Moon slowly healed and he and Guardian went back and forth holding the mares. Half Moon held most of the band through 2018 but did lose Punkin to Guardian for a brief time at the beginning of the year after she gave birth to her filly. In April of 2019, Guardian was able to steal Freckles from Half Moon and held her until October when Half Moon took her back. Since then, Guardian has followed Half Moon around the park. He has an uncanny sense of where the band is and will seek them out. Several weeks ago I was with Half Moon in a private area of the park. After I left them, I was hiking to find other bands when Guardian appeared in front of me between two buttes. He ran right passed me and headed straight for Half Moon. I was gone for about 2 hours and took the same trail out. When I returned to where I had crossed paths with Guardian, I saw something moving on the ridge about a mile away. I zoomed in with my camera and there was Half Moon’s band running from Guardian. He had put pressure on them the entire time I was gone. Last week, I was hiking out after checking on Red Face when Half Moon’s band came running out of some trees. When horses appear out of nowhere it is usually exciting but this time I knew they were stressed. I could see something dark pushing them from behind. A few moments later, Guardian appeared. He chased them around a butte and I knew Ollie was back there as I had sat with them earlier in the day. I hiked over and watched as both Half Moon and Ollie tried to keep Guardian at bay. Half Moon put enough pressure on him to get him to leave the band alone but he did not leave the area. When I hiked out, Guardian was nearby grazing with both Half Moon and Ollie staring him down. Guardian harasses a lot of bands but his determination to go after Half Moon is something to behold. Stallions tend to go after others they sense are weak but when it comes to Guardian and Half Moon, one starts to think this is also something personal in Guardian’s mind. Below are a few pictures from my most recent visit with Guardian and Half Moon. I will write a little more on each photo so be sure to scroll through. Thanks, everyone!

Half Moon runs at Guardian to get him out of the area.

Guardian and Half Moon

Half Moon letting Guardian know he needed to move on.

Guardian would walk away from Half Moon but not go far.

Guardian watches as Half Moon goes back to his band and starts to move them away.

2010 Band Stallion, Half Moon

2013 Stallion, Guardian taking a break from harassing Half Moon

Half Moon and Ollie both keep an eye on Guardian who is hiding in the trees to the left.


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