Update on Scout

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Update on Scout

Hello everyone! Take a look at how gorgeous this little guy is now! This is Scout, out of Mare Raven x Mystery. He was the first foal of the season, born in February, making him almost 5 months old now. I will never forget the day I first saw him as I did some crazy stuff to reach him in the snow! As you can see in the last photo below, he was well worth the effort to be able to spend time with such a sweetheart. He is still pestered constantly by his big brother, Braveheart, but manages to hold his own. I love how he is the perfect mix of both Raven and Mystery even down to having her snip and his star. Enjoy this updated look at Scout and thanks, everyone!

2018 Colt, Scout – enjoying running wild and free!

Braveheart always pestering his little brother Scout.

Scout at 4 days old.


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