Wildrye is Back

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Wildrye is Back

Hello everyone! Getting back to the horse updates today, here is a look at Wildrye and his band. Yes, he finally got his band back and, in the process, took Grady’s former girls as well. It took several tries throughout the past year to successfully take them, but Wildrye may have come upon Grady at a weak moment. Stallion Grady suffered an injury last month in a sensitive area that could have contributed to losing his band. I did not see the injury happen or Wildrye stealing the band, so I cannot say for sure the timing of events. However, Grady appears to be slowly healing and spends most of his days with the other bachelors, including the two boys he helped raise, Arcola and Anthem. I will share more on Grady and the boys on a different day. In the meantime, enjoy this look at Wildrye and his current band.

Wildrye with the members of his original band – Mares Lorelye (Lorena x Wildrye), Lorena, and Paige

Wildrye’s Band (l to r) Lorena, Paige, Bonnet, Gigi, Gidget, Blondie, Badger, Lorelye, and Wildrye

Keeping watch – 2011 Band Stallion, Wildrye