Winter Update on Maverick

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Winter Update on Maverick

Hello everyone! Here is an updated look at Maverick and the rest of his band, including Skipper’s foal, Arey. He has a good-sized band for being so young. He has worked very hard to keep them all and to keep Brutus at bay. Although Brutus is injured, he still managed to take Skipper shortly before she foaled and held her for a few weeks. Unfortunately, his leg is still swollen from an injury months ago and in the end, he lost her to Maverick again. Hopefully, he will take time to rest and heal and come back even stronger. It is nice to see the girls all together despite them no longer being with Brutus. Also, Arey appears to enjoy having other mares to pester especially, 3-year-old Aurora. I will write under each photo to help with identifying. Have a great weekend!

2019 Colt, Arey (Skipper x Brutus)

2014 Mare, Copper Penny

2007 Mare, Maddie

2016 Mare, Patches

2010 Mare, Cassie

2013 Mare, Dawn

2014 Mare, Skipper

2014 Mare, Paisley

2017 Mare, Aurora

2014 Band Stallion, Maverick



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