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Hello everyone! Here is a young stallion I have not shared in a while. Can you believe this big hunk is Aloe?! He is the 2019 colt out of Mare Rosie by Stallion Half Moon. He sure has grown a lot this summer and is absolutely stunning! He is still with Rosie and Half Moon today. I included a few photos of him growing up for those who may be new to the page and didn’t get a chance to see him as a foal. Enjoy!

2019 Stallion, Aloe (November 2021)

Aloe as a young foal. (June 2019)

Half Moon watches over Aloe as a herd of bison moves into the area. (September 2019)

Aloe as he went into his first winter. (December 2019)

Rosie and Aloe (July 2020)