Ollie’s Band in Fall

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Ollie’s Band in Fall

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a look at Ollie Jr and his band from this weekend. I had planned on hiking out to the band, but they moved before I could get there. However, it happened to work in my favor. I had just finished photographing one band when I went to see if Ollie was visible. Just as I found him, a couple of hikers scared three giant elk and flushed them out from behind a hill. The elk then ran right in front of Ollie and his band, which set the band running. Luckily, the band decided to run towards me rather than away and saved me about a four-mile hike! Here are a few photos from my time with them. Enjoy!

2021 Colt, Sterling (Sapphire x Ollie Jr)

2020 Filly, Katie (Freckles x Guardian)

(F to B ) Autumn, Sapphire, Ollie Jr, and Annabella

(L to R) Sterling, Freckles, Bess, and Ardena