Back in the Park

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Back in the Park

Good evening everyone! It’s been an exciting week being back in the park after a little time off with my family. I came back to find one small surprise this past Sunday morning. Stallion Brutus has once again taken Paisley back from Wind Canyon. As most of you know, I found her with Wind Canyon this past April and the two of them disappeared back into his territory for months. He hides her away, gets her healthy, and then Brutus comes in and takes her back. This process has gone on for two years now. So as of now, she is back with Brutus and the mares she knows. Skipper’s colt tries to give her too much attention at times but as you can see below, she can handle him. I haven’t had eyes on Wind Canyon as of yet but will share it with you all when I do. Thanks, everyone!

Pictured above: Brutus’s Band – Aurora, Dawn, Cassie, Penny is tucked in behind Cassie, Maddie, Brutus, Patches, Paisley – Skipper and her colt Turbo are behind the others

Paisley gives 2017 Colt, Turbo a bite to get him to back off.

2014 Mare Paisley


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