Learning the Ways

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Learning the Ways

Hello everyone! Well, look at what happened this week! Xander finally showed some signs of independence and took on the East Side Boys. More specifically, he took on Flash. The bachelor boys had been standing in the area watching about 9 other bands when they decided to push things and move in closer. Xander was the first to react and let them know they were not welcome. These boys put on a good show but their interaction was short-lived. However, the decision to stop wasn’t made by them. In a surprise twist, Thunder was the one who ran over and moved his son away. I don’t know if he thought Xander had enough or if he just wanted to show all four boys he was the bigger stallion. On the way back to the band, Cowgirl ran over and Xander stood up to Thunder for a moment as well. It was nice to see that Xander does have it in him to become a great stallion someday. He just needs to finally leave his mother’s side first. Have a great weekend everyone!

2014 Stallions, Flash and Xander

2014 Stallions, Xander (left) and Flash – I can remember when Flash was so small we worried about his health…. not anymore!

Gunner, Flash, and Xander

Thunder moves Xander back to their band.

Xander stands up to his sire Thunder and of course, his mother Cowgirl runs to his side.


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