Belle Plays With Arrowhead

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Belle Plays With Arrowhead

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this series of photos with you today to give you a glimpse at the personality of Faith’s filly, Belle. She reminds me a lot of her sisters that came before her and just as fun to watch. On this afternoon, she saw stallion Arrowhead, who is not her sire, standing off by himself. She then decided it would be a good idea to go over and say hello. Faith saw her head towards him but did not seem concerned. Maybe Faith thinks like all of us do that Arrowhead is just an all-around ‘nice guy.’ When Belle reaches him she just stood there watching him. He acknowledges her presence by pinning his ears at her which doesn’t seem to phase her. I am sure he thought the ear pinning would move her but it didn’t work. Rather than move her along, Arrowhead actually begins to walk a few steps away from her. Appearing pleased with herself, Belle then ran around in front of him for a short time and eventually back to her band. She is a character! I will write under each photo to help tell the story so be sure to scroll through. I hope everyone is doing well today and hanging in there <3

Belle walks up to Arrowhead and just stares at him. You can see him start to pin his ears at her and she just ignores him.

Arrowhead sees his ear pinning isn’t working so he actually starts to walk away. Belle turns like she is going to run off and I swear she looks like she is smiling 😉

Arrowhead, thinking she will now leave, goes back to eating but instead, she comes back and starts to run around him.

Arrowhead continues to ignore her and Belle finally walks back over to her mom, Faith.

Pleased with herself, Belle begins to run laps around Faith. Such a silly girl 😉




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