Copper’s Tender Heart

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Copper’s Tender Heart

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to give you a look at how things are going as Copper works to maintain both his and Mystery’s former band. It will take time for Mystery’s mares to adjust to the new arrangement but for now, at least their family is still together. The two bands oftentimes stand apart until Copper feels the need to snake them closer together however, this is normal and just part of the process.

One thing I wanted to point out and the reason for this post is to show how amazing Copper is as a band stallion. When he acquired this band he not only gained new mares but three new foals as well. When band changes occur, I am often asked if stallions will accept the new foals knowing they are sired by another stallion. My answer has always been, yes. The stallions in this herd are remarkable and Copper is no exception. Below are photos from this past week of Copper with his newly acquired mares and foals. In one of the photos, you will first see Copper standing over Raven’s filly, Raven’s Myst, while she napped. She is one of Mystery’s foals. The other shows as he gently went to wake her when he wanted the band to group together tighter. He only touched her lightly to let her know it was time to wake up and move with the family. How awesome is that?! I’ve only known Copper for 5-6 years but he continues to amaze me year after year. We are so lucky to have him in this herd!

Copper standing over Raven’s Myst as she slept. She is out of Raven x Mystery. The mare and baby to his right is Eagle and her filly, Birdie x Mystery. Raven was off grazing.

Copper lets Raven’s Myst know it is time to wake up and join the rest of the band. Mare Eagle, dam to another foal Birdie, is in the background watching.

Copper keeping track of everyone.