Horse Spotlight – Mare River

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Horse Spotlight – Mare River

Hello everyone! It’s been raining here hard for two days now. So today I will feature another horse from the TRNP herd.

Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2006 Mare, River. She is out of Frosty x Singlefoot and is currently running in Sidekick’s band. She has been with Sidekick for several years now. He acquired her after Copper was injured in 2014. While she has several half-siblings in the park, Mare Angel, of Thunder’s band, is her only full sibling. She has had many foals over the years with both Copper and Sidekick. Below are photos of River over the last five years as well as, a look at her adorable foals. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

2006 Mare, River (Sept 2015)

River and her 2015 Colt, Bandelier

River, her 2016 Colt, Tennessee and his big brother Bandelier

Mist, Sidekick, River and Tennessee

2006 Mare, River (2017)

Mare River and her 2017 Filly, Sarabi

Sidekick, Sarabi, and River

Mare River and her 2018 Colt, Riverside (Styx)

2006 Mare, River (Sept 2018)

2006 Mare, River (Nov 2018)


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