Horse Spotlight – Band Stallion Arrowhead

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Horse Spotlight – Band Stallion Arrowhead

Hello everyone! I am mixing it up today and featuring a stallion from the TRNP herd.

Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2010 Band Stallion, Arrowhead. Arrowhead, is the 2010 son of Mare Bella by the late stallion, Embers. He won his first mare in the winter of 2016. He and his longtime bachelor buddy, Ollie Jr., worked together to steal Democracy from Copper. Arrowhead would take her for himself and leave Ollie Jr. as a bachelor. In 2017, Arrowhead left Democracy to pursue the mares of stallion Blaze after he had passed away. Ollie Jr. had already taken the majority of the band leaving Arrowhead with only one, Domino. By the end of 2017, Arrowhead had stolen the remaining mares from Ollie Jr. Today, Arrowhead continues to hold all of Blaze’s former mares, except for Escape, who is with Sidekick. He would later gain Opal, from Red Face’s band, in January of 2018. Below are photos of Arrowhead taken over the past five years. Enjoy and thanks!

2010 Stallion, Arrowhead (Sept 2015)

In 2015, Arrowhead and Ollie Jr. were a bachelor team I referred to as the Dynamic Duo. Here they are working together to harass Band Stallion Cocoa.

In 2015, Arrowhead was working hard to find a mare of his own. This meant taking on the other stallions. Here he has a short encounter with Band Stallion Thunder.

Arrowhead and Ollie Jr. working together to take on Band Stallion Mystery (Aug 2016)

Arrowhead (Dec 2016)

I have always loved this pic of Arrowhead running with his tongue out 🙂 (Apr 2017)

Arrowhead (Oct 2017)

Arrowhead (Dec 2017)

Arrowhead and part of his band on a foggy winter day. (Mar 2018)

Arrowhead trying to romance Sidekick’s daughter, Grace. (June 2018)

2010 Band Stallion, Arrowhead (Summer 2019)


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