Mae and Amargo

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Mae and Amargo

Hello everyone! Here is an interesting dynamic taking place inside Flax’s band. This is Mare Thunder Rose, her 2019 Filly, Amargo, and Mare Mae. While Thunder Rose did a wonderful job taking care of Amargo, it has always been obvious that an attachment was growing between Amargo and Mae. Over the last two years, the two of them have built such a strong bond that if you didn’t know the horses you would think Mae is her mother. I have seen Flax get near Amargo on several occasions over the past two years only to have Mae come running and put herself between the two of them. I am not sure why this connection grew to be what it is today but it is really neat to witness first-hand. Below is a look at Thunder Rose and Amargo as well as, an instance of Mae protecting Amargo. Flax was chasing away his colt Anzar when Amargo and Mae got caught in between. Although Flax wasn’t chasing the girls, Mae’s first instinct was to protect Amargo. Amazing! Enjoy this look at these beautiful girls running wild and free inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

2019 Filly, Amargo

Mae protecting Amargo as Flax begins to chase off Anzar. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anzar becomes a bachelor this year.

As Flax comes up behind them, Mae gets between him and Amargo. She will kick him if need be…I have seen it ?