Morning Visit With Ollie Jr

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Morning Visit With Ollie Jr

Hello everyone! Today, we will get back to Ollie Jr and his band. He currently holds a band of 13, including him. I recently shared with you a look at his newest colt, Auggie, and his dam, Ardena. Below is a look at the rest of Ollie’s band. I was lucky to have spent a couple of beautiful mornings with them this month. Enjoy this look at his band, and have a great week!

Mare Bess and her dam, Autumn

Mares Freckles, Katie, and Bess

Colt Sterling and his dam, Sapphire

Mare Antice – She is not the dam to either of the boys in the background, but she helps keep them in line ❤

Colt Huck and his dam, Annabella

Mares Bayou and Sapphire

Yearling colt Huck and the always entertaining Auggie