The Mix-Up

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The Mix-Up

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share another story about Arrowhead’s band. Except for this post, I will tell you about the love his two foals out of Domino have for one another. One afternoon I had hiked out to see the band and noticed that Anitice and her little brother, Blackjack were missing. The horses were moving to water when I arrived so I figured that the two of them were just lagging behind and would eventually catch up. I hiked over to where the band had just left and looked around. There was no sign of Antice or Blackjack anywhere. I decided to hike to the edge of the butte I was on and look down below. I was glassing all around when all of the sudden I see Ollie chase two horses out from behind a hill. I zoomed in and sure enough, there were Antice and Blackjack. My first thought was why are Arrowhead’s kids with Ollie?!? Then it hit me. Antice is almost two and at an age where some of the stallions may try and steal her. Blackjack is a yearling and male so why would Ollie want him? Blackjack is very close to his big sister and what likely happened is Ollie stole Antice and Blackjack being the devoted little brother he is, probably followed her. I am not gonna lie, this bugged me a lot. I understand taking Antice but Blackjack needed to be with Domino. I hiked down to get a closer look at the situation. Once I was there, I could see that Antice was trying to get away but Ollie would snake her back to the group the minute she took a few steps away. After about 20 minutes or so, I could see she wasn’t going to be able to run from him. What really touched me though were the actions of Antice when it came to Blackjack. Anytime Ollie would move close to them she would put herself in between him and her brother. I do not think Ollie would have hurt him but she was going to make sure he didn’t have the chance. When I left, she and Blackjack were still with Ollie and I honestly was upset. I went back out the next day hoping that the two of them were back with Arrowhead and luckily they were! I am not sure how they made it back but I was so happy they did. Moral of the story, if you are going to steal a young mare make sure you don’t accidentally grab the siblings too! Below are some photos from that day. I will write under each photo to help describe the chain of events. Thanks, everyone!

2020 Colt, Blackjack was standing close to his sister, 2019 Filly, Antice when I first arrived.

Ollie attempts to keep Antice and Blackjack close to the others.

Antice had tried to move further away and Ollie snakes her back.

After moving them in circles for a bit, Antice stops and places herself in between Ollie and her little brother, Blackjack. This happened numerous times while I was there.

Blackjack didn’t look comfortable at all but Antice kept an eye on him.

This was the image I took as I left. Blackjack standing close to his sister and me hoping they would be back with Arrowhead soon. Luckily, it all worked out in the end.