Valentina’s Two Day Adventure

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Valentina’s Two Day Adventure

Hello everyone! Well, it looks like Valentina’s days with Arrowhead were short-lived. She was back with her family band yesterday even though Arrowhead was nearby. He would have been a great stallion for her so hopefully when she is ready to move on he can add her to his band. Sometimes when mares begin to leave their natal band we will see them go back and forth between the two for a short time so we may see Valentina with Arrowhead again soon. For now, she is back with her mom. When Arrowhead’s band left the area she did walk forward and watch them but stayed behind. Below is a look at Arrowhead’s band yesterday afternoon as well as, Valentina back with her family.

Arrowhead’s Band

Valentina, Escape, and Snip’s Gray (Valentina’s mother)

Valentina and Escape – I am not sure if Escape was watching her so she didn’t leave again or if she was just glad to have her friend back.