Wildrye in Winter

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Wildrye in Winter

Hello everyone! Despite the bad weather today, I made an attempt to go and check on the horses. I only was able to locate Teton, Arrowhead, Wildrye, and Remington but that is better than nothing! It was -4 with the real feel being -24, so hiking was not an option. Once it’s safe to hike, I will be back out there.

Last Thursday, during our unusual warm up, I was able to spend time with Wildrye and his band. His adorable colts are growing up fast. Trouble’s Girl appears to be with foal again too. Below are a few photos of my time with them from that day.

Thanks, everyone and stay warm! ❤️

2018 Colt, Hermes (center) – Trouble’s Girl x Wildrye – He is 9 months old.

2014 Mare, Paige

Family Photo – Little Gray, Jasper, and Wildrye – Jasper is now 8 months old.

2001 Mare, Trouble’s Girl, and 2004 Mare, Little Gray

Wildrye and 2014 Mare, Lorena


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