An Afternoon With Justice and Arrow

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An Afternoon With Justice and Arrow

Hello everyone! Today, I thought you all might like an updated look at the filly Arrow, as we call her, out of mare Justice. She is now 3 weeks old and hanging in there. During my recent visit with her and Arrowhead’s band, a couple of interesting things happened. After a long nap, she got up to nurse and for some reason, Arrowhead decided it was time to move. He pushed the others and then worked his way over to Justice. Arrow was groggy from her nap and but followed her mom’s lead and started to move. I guess it wasn’t fast enough for Arrowhead as he put more pressure on them. Justice had enough and tried to kick him to get him to back off of her and her baby. Arrowhead took the hint and walked away. A short while later, I watched as her big sister Antice, who is 8 months old, went over to say hello. Normally, mares will push other foals away but Justice seemed more interested in getting a quick nap in. Antice slowly approached Arrow and touched her very lightly. This went on for about a minute but once Antice began to put more pressure on her face Arrow seemed like that was just too much and quickly ran to hide next to Justice’s side. Antice followed and continued to smell her little sister but then walked away when she got no reaction out of her. Soon these two will play together but for now, Arrow needs more time to grow. Enjoy this look at our sweet winter baby and have a great weekend!

Spending some time with her big sister, Antice. Antice is out of Domino.

2020 Filly, Arrow

Half-sister Antice wanted to play but I don’t think Arrow is comfortable with that just yet.

Arrowhead wanted the band to move but little Arrow had just woken up so Justice let him know he needed to back off.

Foals stretching while still half asleep is the cutest thing ever <3




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