Another Look at Satellite

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Another Look at Satellite

Hello everyone! Last week was a busy one so I got behind on sharing some of the horses. Today I have for you a closer look at Satellite and his band. He is currently holding a band of three mares, Lightning, Crow, and Minnie as well as, his filly, Almanac. All three mares look as though they could possibly foal again this year. They should not foal before March so plenty of time for the weather to warm up a bit. Almanac is doing well and loves to stand near Satellite. He is such a good dad. Of all the babies I have seen him with over the past few years, I have never seen him not allow them to be close. Enjoy this look at this little family and have a great weekend!

Satellite, Lightning, and Crow – I find it quite amusing that Satellite looks just as pregnant as his girls. The bigger the better out here during the winter months, especially, for a horse that is 19 years old.

2007 Mare, Crow and her dam, 1998 Mare, Lightning

2016 Mare, Minnie (Freckles x Little Sorrel)

2019 Filly, Almanac out of Minnie standing with her sire, Satellite

2001 Band Stallion, Satellite – Many people ask about his lump on his chest. It has been there for a very long time and does not appear to bother him.


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