Recent Look at Gunner’s Band

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Recent Look at Gunner’s Band

Hello everyone! I was recently asked about Gunner and his band so today I thought I would show you an update on both him and the two 2021 foals in his band. For those who do not know, Gunner is a 2014 stallion out of Mare Papoose by Stallion Mystery. He gained a band of his own in 2019 when he picked up Mare Perdita and her newborn filly, Anisak. In July of 2020, Gunner would add to his band once again when he picked up some of his late father’s former mares. In February of this year, Mare Raven gave birth to filly Mystique. Her presumed sire is Mystery which would make her Gunner’s half-sister. In April, Mare Perdita gave birth to a colt named Ace and Gunner is his presumed sire. Below are a few photos of Stallion Gunner, Filly Mystique, and Colt Ace. I will write a little more information under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend!

2021 Filly, Mystique (Raven x Mystery) – Being born in February can sometimes bring very cold weather. As you can see, this resulted in Mystique losing one of her ear tips. She is still adorable

Mystique and Ace

2021 Colt, Ace (Perdita x Gunner)