Remington’s New Girl

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Remington’s New Girl

Hello everyone! At the beginning of January, I was out checking on the horses when I came across Remington with Ardena. She is the coming two-year-old filly (in August) out of Pretty Girl by Red Face. Her family band was close by so I figured she was just following in her big sister Emmylou’s footsteps and having a ‘visit’ with Remington and his band. You may remember back in November when Emmylou had an afternoon visit with Remington and although we hoped it would stick, she was back with her band the next day. Just like her sister, Ardena was with Red Face’s band the following day. However, unlike her sister, Ardena was back with Remington a few weeks later and has now been with him for almost two weeks. She appears to be fitting in well so far. Mare Democracy doesn’t seem phased by the new addition. Her 2020 Colt, Bart on the other hand seems pleased to have the new filly join the family. They are only 8 months apart so it is interesting to see him try and give her attention. Time will tell if this continues but she couldn’t have asked for a more handsome stallion to take an interest in her. Below are a few photos of the entire band including Democracy and Bart. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Band Stallion, Remington and the new addition to his band, Ardena

2019 Filly, Ardena out of Pretty Girl x Red Face

2013 Mare, Democracy – Remington’s first mare – He stole her and Bart from Copper this past summer.

2020 Colt, Bart out of Democracy x Copper

Remington and Ardena