The Escapades of Grace

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The Escapades of Grace

Hello everyone! This past week, Grace, out of Bella x Sidekick, kept going back and forth between Mystery and Sidekick. Tuesday she was with Sidekick. Then on Thursday when I went out she was gone and I believe with Mystery. When I went back out Friday morning I found her back with Sidekick. Going back and forth like this is not uncommon for a mare her age. I have watched other young mares in the past spend a day with one stallion only to return to their natal band soon after. Opal oftentimes visited Satellite, Paige would visit Little Sorrel, and Emmylou visits several stallions but always returns to her sire, Red Face. Hopefully, Grace will find a stallion of her own soon and move on from her sire. Below are a few pics from this week of Sidekick, Grace, and her dam, Bella. Thanks, everyone!

Grace, Mist, and Lyle

2014 Mare, Grace

Family photo – Sidekick, Lyle, Bella, and Grace


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