The Passing of a Young One

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The Passing of a Young One

Hello everyone. This past week was another rough one in the park. On Friday morning, Cheyenne, of Mystery’s band, gave birth to a filly and unfortunately, she did not survive. The week before last Cheyenne was quite large so I suspected she may foal soon. The park cannot keep an eye on all the mares this time of year so I had been out last week checking her almost every day. After hours of searching for the band on Friday, I finally located them mid-afternoon. When I first saw Cheyenne my gut told me she had foaled but there was not a baby at her side. I sat and observed the band for a short while and that is when Cheyenne’s behavior told me she had foaled and the baby was still nearby. I decided to try checking the area one more time. After about 15 minutes of searching, I eventually located the foal. Sadly, she had already passed away.

We have sent all the documentation of the foal and my observations of Cheyenne over the past two weeks to the park. For obvious reasons, I cannot show you a photo but I can tell you she was a black filly, with a star like her daddy’s, a snip, and one white sock on her back leg. She was beautiful.

Losing her is heartbreaking but I will be forever grateful that Cheyenne made it through this and was still standing with her family when I left Friday night. Please keep both Cheyenne and Mystery’s band in your thoughts and prayers as they have had an unfortunate start to the new year with so much loss already. Below is an image of Cheyenne taken a week before she foaled when she was still carrying her filly. RIP baby girl ❤️


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