Two New Foals in Copper’s Band

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Two New Foals in Copper’s Band

Hello everyone! I spent a wonderful day in the park yesterday and saw a lot of babies. I have a ton of photos to share with you but today will start with Copper. Many of you know, his mare Faith had a filly on the 15th. I had not had the chance to see her in person yet so I was excited when I noticed them in the distance yesterday afternoon. When I arrived at the band, however, I was treated with another surprise as Democracy had also foaled! She gave birth to a beautiful little colt sometime in the past few days. Copper sure makes gorgeous babies! I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. I will share more of these two darlings as well as, the other new foals soon. Enjoy these new additions to the TRNP herd and stay tuned for more!

This is my favorite image from yesterday. Pictured here is Esprit (Faith’s dam), Faith (center), and her new filly who the public has chosen to call Belle. Three generations in one band <3

Mare Democracy and her 2020 colt x Copper

Belle out of Mare Faith x Copper – Those ears are a sure sign of who her daddy is lol!

Democracy and her 2020 colt x Copper


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