Jasper and Hermes

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Jasper and Hermes

Hello everyone! I was able to spend some time with Wildrye and his band recently. The two colts in their band have changed a lot this summer. Trouble’s Girl’s colt, study name Hermes, is now just under 3 months old. Little Gray’s colt, who you all named Jasper, is almost 2 months old. Below are a few pictures of the boys from my evening with them. I also decided to add their newborn photos so you can see just how much they have changed already. I will share more of Wildrye’s band soon!

Remember, if you ever want to go back and see a complete list of the 2018 Foals you can visit the website I created that includes a Family Band Gallery, Foal Gallery, and more. Here is a direct link to the 2018 Foals. https://dakotagrownphotos.com/2018-foals/

Have a great week everyone!

Brothers by Wildrye, Hermes and Jasper

Jasper (left) and big brother Hermes (right)

2018 Colt, Hermes with his dam, Trouble’s Girl (front) and Little Gray

2018 Colt, Jasper (Little Gray x Wildrye) as a newborn

2018 Colt, Hermes (Trouble’s Girl x Wildrye) as a newborn


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