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Hello everyone! This week I went to the park early one morning hoping to find Half Moon and his band. I hadn’t spent time with them in a while and now they had a new baby. Mare Freckles had a filly on August 24th. They move around a lot so I knew I would have to check a few spots. However, sometimes fate is on your side out here. I was half way through the park when horses started running down the road at me. I looked closely at the first two horses in the lead. It was Freckles and her filly! How is that for luck that the first two horses I see that morning are the ones I was looking for?! I had a good idea where they were heading and started my way in that direction. However, before I could settle in with them a group of deer came over the hill and scared them out of the area. So maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I headed back to the car and thought they could of ran one of two ways. I chose right and was correct. They had gone to a new area with lots of hills. I stood there watching them for about 10 minutes from about a mile away debating if I should make the trek out. They began to graze and sleep so I decided to hike out, take it slow, and see how it went. I stopped three times on my way out to make sure they knew I was there and to make sure Freckles was not stressed. When I reached them I could see they seemed alright so I sat down and waited. Moments later, Freckles began to graze and I knew I could stay. Her new filly, whose study name is Phoebe, is adorable. Her presumed sire is being documented as Guardian since Freckles was with him the majority of the time during the months the band was passed back and forth between him and Half Moon last year. Below are a few photos from my morning with Phoebe and her family. Thanks, everyone and have a great weekend!

2018 Filly, Phoebe out of Mare Freckles

This photo is very special. Of all the mares she could of walked up to that morning the only one she chose to go to was Eclipse. Why is that special? Eclipse is her big sister ❤️

After a long nap, the band was walking off so Freckles and her little one ran to catch up.


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