Penny’s Surprise

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Penny’s Surprise

Hello everyone! I had quite the morning in the park today. I found several surprises including a new foal! This cutie is the new colt out of Mare Copper Penny and the presumed sire is Brutus. He appears to be several days old and most importantly, healthy! Penny is one of the few mares who we suspected would still foal. She is out of Angel by Copper so this little guy is Copper’s grandson! I blew up some of my photos once I was home and he does appear to have blue in his left eye. I’m not sure if it will be entirely blue but there is some visible in my photos.

This herd will foal from February through October and sometimes even later so we need to be prepared for these late foals. I ask that you welcome this newest addition and send only positive thoughts his way. In the meantime, enjoy this adorable colt! Thank you for all the support!

2014 Mare, Copper Penny, and her 2018 Colt

She is such a good mom already…

Running and jumping is a good sign!

2018 Colt out of Mare Copper Penny by Stallion Brutus


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