Wild Friendship

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Wild Friendship

Good morning! Here is a look at two mares I don’t normally share together, Cowgirl and Taylor of Thunder’s band. Taylor is a mare who doesn’t interact with the other mares very often unless it is her mom, Spotted Blue. However, this summer she seemed to be spending a lot of time with Cowgirl. On numerous occasions, I found Cowgirl standing off with Taylor and her colt or Spotted Blue. Cowgirl’s five-year-old son Xander was removed from the band by Thunder earlier this year. Prior to that, Cowgirl was often segregated from the other mares because they wanted him to move on and she did not. With him now gone, she was able to become a part of the family again and Taylor helped her with that. Have a great Friday and thanks, everyone!

You can see all of Thunder’s band here at https://dakotagrownphotos.com/thunders-band/.

2005 Mare, Spotted Blue and Taylor – You can see Cowgirl on the other side of Taylor.

2014 Mare, Taylor

Mares Taylor, Spotted Blue, and Cowgirl


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